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University of North Carolina Hospitals Program: Pathology

Chapel Hill, NC
Overall Rating 5
“UNC is a well-rounded, hands-on, friendly program with lots of research opportunities, med student teaching, and a consistent 100% board pass rate. We have ...” – Posted 02/22/16
“I've been around a while now and I think a fellowship is necessary either within the program or outside it. There are plenty of opportunities for those wishing ...” – Posted 07/08/07
“The program is very laid back. I think that's what I like the most about it. That is not to say that it's sub-standard however. I think the residents and the ...” – Posted 11/03/02

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  • “This program stands out for the operative experience. You will operate day one. You will have great and appropriate autonomy. You are expected to take good care of patients - our unique pager system ensures that: you cut down on the ridiculousness associated with repetitive sign outs, you get to take care of your own patients, ...” – Posted 12/02/16
  • “Our program has been revitalized over the past few years while maintaining many of its best original characteristics. We get all of our requisite training at our home institution with the added benefit of outside rotations at Mount Sinai's primary campus and other sites around the city. Past graduates tell us that they feel ...” – Posted 11/21/16
  • “Overall, this is a mid-sized program in one of the best neighborhoods of Manhattan. This program is now officially part of the Mount Sinai health system, serving the West side of Manhattan. The program has two primary sites (Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Mount Sinai West), both easily accessible via the hospital’s shuttle system. ...” – Posted 11/20/16
  • “This is a very difficult psychiatry residency program, not particularly just because of the number of calls but simply because one is seen as a workhorse rather than a psychiatry resident. At times we are expected to see 12-15 new consults on a 12 hour shift without any real discussion from the attending. While the new chair ...” – Posted 11/17/16
  • “Program has good substance use exposure, you have a very heavy course load and you will learn how to hit the ground running in the real world. I would not choose this program if I were to do things over again and I think most of my classmates would agree. Negatives include a grueling call schedule varying Q3 in first year to ...” – Posted 11/10/16