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University of North Carolina Hospitals Program: Pathology

Chapel Hill, NC
Overall Rating 5
“UNC is a well-rounded, hands-on, friendly program with lots of research opportunities, med student teaching, and a consistent 100% board pass rate. We have ...” – Posted 02/22/16
“I've been around a while now and I think a fellowship is necessary either within the program or outside it. There are plenty of opportunities for those wishing ...” – Posted 07/08/07
“The program is very laid back. I think that's what I like the most about it. That is not to say that it's sub-standard however. I think the residents and the ...” – Posted 11/03/02

Latest Reviews

  • “Wanted to write a new review because the last one was in 02. I think this program has many positives. Patient population is extremely diverse between the REI patients referred for deliveries, to the women with no prenatal care, to private patients referred in. Some may not see it as a positive but I think it is that you deliver ...” – Posted 09/16/16
  • “I am in my 3rd year of residency. I cannot say enough good things about Saint Louis University. I have no personal gain or interest by writing this blurb. From day one I was treated like a family member. The faculty are incredible. They are all VERY interested in resident teaching and create an environment that is helpful, ...” – Posted 09/10/16
  • “This program provides excellent teaching but is very malignant and usually residents work over duty hours and are not allowed to log the extra hours so that duty hours don't get violated. The atmosphere is very tense and its almost impossible to work and even learn anything while you are at work.” – Posted 09/09/16
  • “I don't think I would choose this program again. The Duke name is helpful with respect to fellowship opportunities, and there are certain aspects of the program I like, but I would have chosen something closer to family with a warmer interpersonal environment. Most of my relationships with my superiors is very transactional, ...” – Posted 03/06/16
  • “Graduates from this program have gone into competitive fellowships, as well as general pediatrics, so it provides you with a world of post-graduate opportunities. It is located in Detroit, so you will see a wide variety of pathology, and have a strong patient load.
    We do not, however, currently have pediatric rheumatology or ...” – Posted 02/26/16