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St Louis University School of Medicine Program: Ophthalmology

St Louis, MO
Overall Rating 5
“I am in my 3rd year of residency. I cannot say enough good things about Saint Louis University. I have no personal gain or interest by writing this blurb. ...” – Posted 09/10/16
“Graduation is a VERY sad day for everyone at SLU Ophtho - we're one big family. About 1/2 of our residents go onto fellowships. SLU also has NO fellows and ...” – Posted 11/19/03

Latest Reviews

  • “This is a clinically strong program. We have 6 medicine teams each with a patient load of 15 patients. Each team has an attending, a senior (2nd or 3rd-year resident), an intern and medical student. We have great attendings like Dr. Fischer, Dr. Lynch, Dr. Pflederer and Dr. Farrell to name a few. Some of the subspecialists have ...” – Posted 10/19/16
  • “As the interview season is right around the corner, I wanted to help the new applicants make aware of this program. The best word to describe the program= TOXIC.
    Let me go over each factor I can think of.
    --Quality of academics/ teaching- Internal Medicine faculty is at most average to below average. There is hardly anything ...” – Posted 10/10/16
  • “This program is very heavy on obstetrics, most residents here have all of their required ACGME vaginal delivery and C-section numbers before the middle of their PGY-2 year. That being said, all of the OB exposure comes at the cost of quality exposure to gynecology, especially gynecology-oncology. If you want to go into MFM, ...” – Posted 10/08/16
  • “Selling points of this program that you talk about on the day of interview:
    1. Learner-manager-teacher model
    2. Educational innovation
    3. Culture of caring and safety
    4. Great resident camaraderie
    5. The program director is a great guy
    All of these are an attempt to cover up the programs issues. This is one of those programs ...” – Posted 10/03/16
  • “Wanted to write a new review because the last one was in 02. I think this program has many positives. Patient population is extremely diverse between the REI patients referred for deliveries, to the women with no prenatal care, to private patients referred in. Some may not see it as a positive but I think it is that you deliver ...” – Posted 09/16/16