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  • “This is a very malignant program that is abusive towards its residents, but unfortunately still have competitive selection since it is located in San Francisco. Residents are treated much better at CMPC/Kaiser/UCSF if you are looking for other options in SF.” – Posted 01/11/16
  • “One thing for me that stands out is that financially this program takes really good care of you. I was a broke med student going into the program. They offer resident housing across the street, I lived in a studio 600/mo with no utilities. Saved a ton of money. You can't get this deal anywhere else in the city. Granted the ...” – Posted 12/21/15
  • “This program is a hidden gem!! It prepared me for life as an attending better than I could have ever imagined! The world-renowned faculty is amazing, and eager to share their knowledge and experience. The family-like atmosphere is truly rare and unique. Trust me...It is an experience you do not want to miss out on. You will be ...” – Posted 11/29/15
  • “Pros: Good duty hours and minimal scutwork, polite attendings and no fault policy
    Cons: Poor attitude of faculty toward teaching, mediocre camaraderie, fake "everything is lovely here" atmosphere and no fault policy
    If I had to choose again I would definitely look somewhere else. I think that poor teaching and atmosphere are ...” – Posted 10/18/15
  • “The pros: nice beaches are an hour away.
    The cons: 2 days off a month on wards, dilapidated hospital, no EMR, very few perks.
    I would not choose this program unless I had no shot of getting into a better program.
    Most who graduate seem to go into primary care.
    I welcome inquiries about my experience.” – Posted 10/12/15