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University of Missouri-Columbia Program: Dermatology

Columbia, MO
Overall Rating 5
“I ended up ranking this program very highly, and would recommend the same to anybody who wants to learn high-quality, broad-based clinical dermatology. Not ...” – Posted 07/21/02

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  • “You will need a ton of motivation to be anything out of this program. Program atmosphere is not conducive to natural growth for a majority of candidates. Not a great program in its own right to prepare you for competitive fellowships or solid IM training” – Posted 10/08/17
  • “What stands out: The commitment to the underserved, the enthusiastic and well-rounded faculty, and the fellow residents that feel like family and seem genuinely happy to be here! The inpatient setting is a just-the-right-size community hospital which allows you to practice full-scope and unopposed family medicine -- ...” – Posted 10/08/17
  • “Valley Hospital has various residencies and In-house fellowships which include: internal medicine, family medicine, neurology, orthopedic surgery, palliative care/Hospice, GI and pulmonary critical care. There are multitude of experienced faculty that are excellent clinicians and enjoy teaching. Within most the residencies and ...” – Posted 10/05/17
  • “I am a recent graduate of the MCW pediatric program and am currently a fellow at another large free-standing children's hospital. First, in the spirit of honesty, I will say that I didn't even know this forum existed until about 12 hours ago, when I heard through the small pediatric grapevine about the most recent program ...” – Posted 09/12/17
  • “This program used to be a nice program with good hours but I would advise with caution. The program has less residents than before and work hours have increased significantly. The residents overall are nice but are not social outside the hospital. My main issue is with the hospital itself as the hospital seems to be more ...” – Posted 09/11/17